It’s Not Complete Without the Heat

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Ignite Your Taste Buds With
Our Original Hot Sauce

Turn up the heat with Green Gas Hot Sauce in Pleasanton, California! Our fiery creation transforms any dish and elevates every bite. Whether you cook with it or simply splash a copious amount of it on your food, our hot sauce creates a unique flavor experience.


The Blend

With the perfect blend of chili peppers and spices, this sauce will not just bring heat to your meal; it will blast flavors, creating an explosion of culinary delight!

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The Balance

Savor just the right balance of flavor, heat, and acidity. Green Gas Hot Sauce will take any meal to the next level without compromising its original flavor.


The Best

Green Gas Hot Sauce was created by hot sauce lovers for fellow hot sauce lovers! Crafted with passion, our signature sauce makes everything taste better.

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